Family court and divorce proceedings can be intimidating. Laura and the team at Furniss Family Law Group (FFLG) work to help clients achieve closure while preserving their personal integrity. Laura has been recognized by the prestigious Super Lawyers organization as a Northern California Rising Star in Family Law, a distinction bestowed upon less than 2.5% of attorneys.

Do I need an attorney or can I figure this out by myself?

As Lincoln said, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." While self-represented parties, or "pro pers", may experience some limited success, often due in part to systemic leniency granted to non-attorneys attempting to navigate the system, family law can get very emotional, especially when children are involved.
Further, when one's family and assets are on the line, the ability to “emotionally detach" oneself from a situation is often lost, and what would normally be rational and objective judgment are replaced by feelings of anger, worry, fear, and stress. Combined with legal complexity, self-representing oneself can make a bad situation substantially worse.

I'm a victim of domestic violence, can you help me?

Absolutely. More accurately labeled as "partner abuse" by the leading family law judges, domestic violence encompasses a much larger range of behaviors than the traditional physical violence that comes to most people's minds when they hear the term "domestic violence." Laura has worked extensively with victims of partner abuse, both with clients and pro bono with charitable and need-based organizations.

Laura and the FFLG team feel very strongly about advocating against perpetrators of domestic violence, and will continue to do so. You are not alone and you do have options. Contact us to learn more. 

What does "pro bono" mean?

Short for Pro Bono Publico, pro bono means in Latin, "for the public good." Practically, it means doing legal work without compensation. Laura has been honored with the Dorothy M. Wolfe Award for the amount of pro bono work performed on behalf of victims of domestic violence.